Building steel structures, embedded products

Truss (trusses and sub-trusses; connections)

Rafter trusses serve to impart force to the columns by means of mounting bolts and support tables equipped with milled ends.
The holes necessary for fastening ties.
The upper chord contains parts used for installing and fastening the lantern truss on an industrial building. 
Roof trusses have a planar lattice structure.
They are represented by upper and lower chords connected with each other through a lattice of corners. 
The vertical elements of the lattice are called racks, and the inclined ones – braces. The corners of the chords are connected to the corners of the lattice using welding gussets.
Rafter trusses serve for connecting columns of the same row. The rafter trusses also provide support for the rafter trusses.
Typically, the rafter trusses are placed at intervals of 6 m from each other, which is why the rafter trusses are installed on columns spaced 12 m apart.

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Columns (from pipes, I-beams, channels, etc.)

Our company offers its customers a wide range of metal products that are used in the construction industry.
In particular, we undertake the production of such metal products as columns from pipes, I-beams, and channels. Angles, channels, I-beams, pipes and other metal products are used for the production of structures such as beams, columns, trusses, etc.
In the construction industry, special-purpose profiles and various metal materials such as steel ropes, wire, profiled flooring, etc.


Support beams

Metal columns and steel beams of different formats serve to enhance the strength of the steel structure, in all directions, both vertical and horizontal.
Our plant can produce any metal product for you, for its subsequent use in construction. In particular, we are talking about I-beams, welded beams, channels, crossbars and other products.


Embedded products and elements

Embedded products and elements are used during the construction of frame-panel multi-story buildings.
In the production of embedded parts, work such as metal cutting, bending of metal and reinforcement, welding, edge processing, and priming are used.</p >